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Because trans people deserve respect by xHappySinnerx Because trans people deserve respect by xHappySinnerx
What I mean by this is, I support trans people being allowed to use the restroom of the gender they identify as. It's cruel and inhumane to tell someone they HAVE to use the restroom of the gender they are not, it adds to a trans person's body dysphoria, anxiety and NEWSFLASH, trans people still face the highest risk of assault and sexual harassment- even murder. And there have been several situations of-- a trans woman minding her own business before getting harassed and assaulted by a cis man or -groups- of cis men.……………

yeah, providing links since somehow there are people dumb enough to think trans people don't face any harm in society :^)

But it's reasons like this why trans people SHOULD NOT be forced to use the restrooms that correlates with the sexual organs they have. You are immediately putting them more at risk for harassment, sexual assault, and even more heinous crimes. 


poor poor child- 
let me tell you -why- these both make no sense

1) Crimes such as rape, sexual assault, pedophilia, etc WILL ALL STILL BE ILLEGAL. people who commit or attempt to commit these crimes WILL still be held accountable for their actions and punished. 

2) -most- people, even if tempted, won't commit a crime because of the consequences, especially in public places. However since i'm sure someone who reads this will go "well then why don't trans people just use the bathroom for the sexual organs, if people are less likely to commit crimes in public spaces they won't be harassed or assaulted" 

which is false. Because of the hate and intolerance surrounding trans people it is still far more likely to happen, and when it happens a trans person is more likely to not speak up about the assault or harassment because they feel overlooked, ignored, and sadly most of the time this is true. Besides that many of them have a fear of being completely outed and like rape victims feel ashamed or powerless after being violated in such a way. 

3) Children most likely wouldn't see anyone's penis or vag, trans women use the stalls, trans men- if/until surgery will also use stalls in the men's room because it is near impossible to use a urinal without the sex organ for it. 

4) Children, will have most likely seen a private part via  a parent, a sibling etc anyway as young children are often taken into the opposite bathroom while being watched or cared for out in public. (no, you pervs, I'm not saying go flash your junk out at small children or whatever) i'm just saying if a kid accidentally were to see something like that and it's not in a sexual or harassing way they won't be traumatized by it. 

Now that my general points have been made

those of you still sitting there going "it's wrong how could someone want this or do that" I'm just gonna say right now to you cisgendered folk, if you are a girl- fuck it nope you are not a girl, you are a boy you go use the men's room, right now.  Boy- you are not a boy, don't try to say you are one or act like one you go use the women's room right now. 

now you imagine that being told to you over and over again, until your identity is invalid, until you hate being your gender and sex 

because that's exactly what this bullshit does to trans people. As my grand dad always said- don't gripe about something someone says or does until you've walked a mile in his shoes. 

If you are still sitting there crying about how immoral it is then I have two things for you
1) you are selfish as fuck
2) You are beyond help, sorry. 
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March 31, 2016
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